Have you ever used Iphone? Actually, it does not matter if you are a new user or you have ever used the Iphone. You are still not aware from many things about Iphones Apple but don’t worry because we will help you out in this situation. In the forthcoming paragraphs we will break down the things from which not much Iphone users are aware. Even do you know experts are also learning about those things about Iphone?

Now you can also learn about those things from this post. Whether you are talking with Siri or you are doing other necessary things, there are many things from which everyone. So without wasting a single minute, let’s get started with those things needed to be discussed.

Things to know:

Keyboard can be the trackpad

Are you little bit confused with the statement? But yes it is a truth. Do you know that your keyboard can be run as the track pad? Have you ever tried to track the messages? Iphone is pretty good in tracking the messages. All you just need to press down the keypad and after that the keys will get disappear. In that blank space, you need to slide the thumb to move the text cursor. For the text which you want to track, you have to press it hard. Make sure to not release the pressure. If the pressure will get released then the message will get disappeared. So practice on it properly to track the record.

Want to save power, turn on the low power mode  

In case, if you are out for the day and you don’t have any resource to charge your phone then with the help of the low power mode, you can save the battery to prevent the phone to get down. This will give you at least that much boost till you will get the charger to charge the phone.  Nothing is better than iStore Apple’s Product that is providing a lot of benefits to the users.

Hide pictures which you don’t want

If you are having some pictures in your mobile phone which you don’t want to share with anyone, don’t worry about it then. You can hide it from others easily. In the photo application, select those pictures which you want to hide from everyone. You will find a share icon over there and select hide in that option to make it get done. Now you can only see the photos because you know that where the pictures are.

From the notes app, scan the documents

In Iphone, there is no need to go to the scanner again and again to scan the document. Do you know, in Iphone, this facility is given to you to do it in notes application?  

Conclusive words

Lastly, if you are searching for the best device then Iphone would be reliable option for you. It is considered as powerful gaming phone where you will able to play games according to the requirements