There was a time when translators used to be a part of businesses only. Now, situation is different. Translators have become a must have thing for every other person. Especially, in this pandemic situation where the trend of online studies is at peak (and the only option).

Don’ worry, you are not living in the year 2000 where people had to take help from human translators. It’s an era of tech and digitalization. In the present time, there are plenty of online translators available for students.

So, now you do not have to avoid taking classes from qualified professors. Feel free to take assistance and break the boundaries or culture, language and communication barriers. All you need to is, install software translator and let your robotic friend help you in understanding all those lectures. Isn’t this sounds cool? Well, it works like a cool innovation too.  

By the way, let us tell you that you will find plenty of software on the internet but, not all will work perfectly. Yeah, some are bit technical to use and are specifically designed for the businesses. However, there are some not-so-technical ones which are being used by both; students and businesses too. You need to be careful while selecting a translator software for you.

Let’s start counting on the most valuable online translator software, designed specifically for students. Here, we will share the most trending ones. Stay focused!

SDL Trados Studio

This one is highly rated CAT (computer-assisted translation) tool. This SDL Trados studio work effectively and provide crystal clear translation. Often times, online translators create mess and provide translated script bit late. But, in the case of SDL Trados Studio, you don’t have worry about all these kind of troubles. This software possesses exceptional features like TM terminology, software localization, and as well as the machine translation.  There are many multinational companies who prefer using SDL Trados Studio as, it provide instant help and to assist clients efficiently. For students, there is a 30 days trial version is available.
So, feel free to give it a try.

Fluency Now

Oh yes, when it comes to lectures, who doesn’t want to have a fluent and all-set-to-go helper. Of course, translated lectures are not easy and we have to stay in aligned loop to catch each thing promptly. The Fluency Now is a professionally used software. Not only students, but there are many teachers who this software as well, to assist their students or to understand their concerns.

And oh, for this mind-blowing software you only have to pay $9.95 each month (not so expensive). This software has some hidden features which makes it work faster than other software. Also, it provides project management solution, proofreading facility, and as well as document statistics. Isn’t this sounds like a buy one, get many things free offer?


Here comes another super hero. Well, I must say all of these software are not less than hero because the surprising actions of these translators are enough to makes feel ‘wow’. This translation software is specifically designed for the one who perform most of their acts via online platforms. Like students, taking online classes of another country, people taking assignment help via international assistors. For all such people, MemoQ is a life savior. It acquires and performs many incredible functions which help users to even use their previous translations again.

In line with this, if you have doubt on the quality of your write-up then this assistor would help you in this matter too. From spelling to the integration of terminology. It works in holistic way for the users. Oh wait, you can enjoy its 45 days trial version, without investing a penny.


Isn’t the name sounds cool? Za-na-ta. Anyways, let’s start counting its wonderful features. This one is a web-based software which serves as an efficient translator for the users. This Zanata is mostly used by the content creators who work on different projects. So yes, it’s perfect for those writing assignments. There are some cheap nursing essay writing services who are assisting worldwide students with the unique writing services and via taking help from Zanata. Technical terminologies of nursing field could create fuss, this is why service providers use this software.

Zanata manages the translation of work with accurate flow and keeps a strict focus on the word-to-word translation. Also, it has TM which recommends some best yet relevant matches for the translated words. Wait wait, there is still one more ah-mazing feature to come. It offers a chat-room where you can have real-time communication to take advice or further help. 

Magic Search

Just like its name, this software does wonders for its users. This one is an offers help in holistic manner. This means, it possesses an ability to translate one message into many languages. Oh, this sounds almost like a magic. This is basically a search engine which offers single-page search results specifically of many dictionaries and as well as of other sources, specifically for diverse language pairs. I mean what else you need when you have this magic search? If you are unable to find good research papers in your first language then feel all confident to go for the second one.

It has capability to search many sources which might include TAUS, EUdict, Word Reference, and IETA. By the way, in this, you can easily add its extension on your Google Chorme. You can easily customize different dictionaries and as well as sources within this extension.

Aforementioned are the best and highly rated software, being used as a translation tool by many experts. If you think you need a good translator to help you in developing a better understanding or even If you want someone to keep check and balance on the quality of your work. Then, select the most relevant from the provided list and enjoy your studies in more convenient ways.

Author Bio:

Khirad Shah, is a marketing director at 6$Essay, she has been working in the different industry with different designations like SEO Executive, Social Media expert, business developers and etc. Now she has started writing in the general topics which is really helpful for the students and the professional as well.