Arguments and arguments. That’s all we could have in this lockdown. Some argue that this pandemic could help us in shaping education while others say that we are leading towards real disaster. What’s your opinion by the way? People are confused and we all know why. 

Everyone is thinking in a diverse way and its fine. We all have different views and yeah, we should appreciate each one. But, on the same side, we need to solve this mystery of whether corona would reshape educational sectors or not. For this, we all need to create a mid-point. Of course, not everyone could right and oh, not all of us could wrong. In a general estimation I must say that there is a huge probability for the educational sectors to get reshape (of course, in a positive manner). 

Let’s look at the facts which signify that this corona will definitely shape the education and its sectors in a better way. 

Prospective Learning

First, we all need to accept the fact that back in the days, when the situation was normal but, we all were acting abnormally. Yes, I know this sounds a bit rude that is the fact, my friend. In the normal routine or you can say, in the traditional learning we all were in a race. Someone had to achieve A-grade in most possible situations. Teachers had to complete that overloaded course outline before exams. PowerPoint presentationservices and its professionals worked more like a helping hand for students, more than teachers did, students were taking their blessings for granted. 

Everyone was living a robotic life and no had enough time to look into the other side of the scenario. Now, we all standing on the same page- helpless. Yes, this is the time in which we all should take as a lesson. We all need to focus more on prospective learning than just remote learning and must stop living for the competition. 

Free time x New learning

Have you all wondered? The more we were moving towards the success more we were leading toward an unethical world. Yeah, we need to accept this. Generation Z was only being taught how to cope with the competition. No one teaches them how to be kind or how to be gentle enough. Now, it has found that the more kids are having free time, the more opportunity to learn new things. It might include, indulging themselves in cooking, painting, reading, etc.

 All of those things that were impossible to do due to hectic routine is being performed in this lockdown. Also, I think families are spending better quality time than they did before this pandemic. For instance, some are contributing their spare time in brochure and flyer design services, some are shaping their skills via Youtube tutorials. So yes, this made all of us realized that we should focus on enhancing the possessed skills of learners rather than just burdening them to act in a restricted way. Teaching them living ethics matters equally.

Advanced learning 

One of the experts wrote that I found students being indulged more in self-learning and I am surprised to see this. I know you are surprised too. Because there was a time when we had to force individuals to focus on their studies. But now, when they are all are free, each one is opting for self-learning. This is might be because this COVID-19 broke all those restricted walls and now, everyone is free to learn whatever they want. 

The expert further stated that around thousands of students got enrolled in the course of company profile designer. Comparatively, there used to be hardly a hundred before the pandemic. Now, this clearly indicates that these are not children who are not interested in learning. But, these are boundaries that make them feel exhausted. 

No workload  

Yeah, no matter how much we deny still the fact would remain a fact. None of us could deny this that students had a lot of workload which was eventually impacting their productivity. Since now we all have got time to think, it has been observed that the problem of anxiety in students is now less than they had in a normal routine. Well, this is for all, parents and teachers. You might not feel that but, your child is being pressurized. 

That exam anxiety is putting all his peace at risk and students are in constant pressure of completing homework, making presentations, quizzes and whatnot. But, now when we all are locked down, it has found that the workload is not the same and students are actually enjoying this reality. I know we barely wonder why students hate coming to school. But, thanks to this pandemic who opened our eyes and now we all know what the reason was. 

I hope things get better soon. Also, I wish and hope that we should take all these facts as a lesson and must work on reshaping our approaches, specifically in educational sectors.