If you are a blogger then you will always work to bring traffic to your blog or website. You know that to bring traffic from Search Engine to your blog, you have to do SEO of your blog. So now when you research many different SEO related blogs about ways to do this, different things are told to you everywhere. Now, which things are right or not, it depends on your own understanding and experience.

Some myths that SEOs mislead people. Today we will talk about similar things in this article.

Top 5 myths about SEO that we hear from many people.

  1. Meta tag doesn’t matter

Some time ago the ranking of many sites in search engines depended only on meta tags such as meta title, meta description and tag. That time was long ago. Technology has been improved, search engine sites are starting to rank according to the quality of the content and needs of the people rather than meta tags. In such a place, many people will tell you that you should stop using meta tags.

But that would be very bad advice. Even though the importance of meta tag may not be as much as before, it still matters a lot. Therefore, my suggestion to you would be that you should use the meta tag in every post.

  1. Only the .com domain will come to your blog to collect traffic.

This is a myth and it is very important to forget it. On most blogs, it is suggested that you only take a .com domain for your blog or website, and furthermore if you take another domain, traffic will not come to your blog. This is not the case at all.

Whatever domain extension you take, it has nothing to do with traffic from search engines. Domain extensions mean more to your customers or visitors. The thing is that you should get a domain name extension that can be easily remembered in people’s minds. Now usually .com is set up with all websites. .Com is disposed of in people’s minds. But this does not mean that traffic on other domain extensions like .in, .co, .coff etc. will not come. Their value is .com. Domains such as .in are sometimes better than .com for the country- related websites.

  1. Internal linking not useful

Many people will give you very detailed suggestions about content, but together you will say that backlinking or internal linking does not matter as the content is king. I agree that content is king, but if you do internal linking and backlinking in a natural way, it is a plus point of the quality of your content. So it is also a myth that you do not get any SEO benefit from backlinking or internal linking.

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  1. New content always gets a higher rank.

As things become new, the material also becomes old and in its place, new material is needed. Now as someone’s blog content is 2-3 years old, but he is still ranking number one, it does not mean that if you write new content and publish it, your content is ranked. Will go.

Although the blog that is being ranked now is out of date, there are many more factors that have plus points to rank that blog number. That is why only renewing the material does nothing.

  1. Guest blogging is nothing

People also do many black hat ways to do SEO activities like posting guest on irrelevant blogs, creating spam backlinks etc. In such a situation, people who create natural backlinks by doing guest blogging correctly, then somewhere in their mind, if they are guest blogging, they can also be considered as spam and can not get any benefit from them. Ho. See, this is not the case, if you do guest posting in a natural way in the right way, you will definitely benefit.

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