Over time, advertising has become the most profitable resource when it comes to publicizing a product or service to the public. Advertising on television, radio, press ads, street furniture there are many possibilities within our reach, but if there is one that can be very effective, that is the Custom Graphix Signworks.

And it is that advertising posters are a very effective channel due to five fundamental reasons:

  • It is a cheaper medium than others such as television.
  • Its large dimensions attract the attention of users as long as its design is attractive.
  • It is one of the advertising media best known and valued by the public.
  • It can have a great scope depending on its location, because people move and there are many people who can pass by the poster and, therefore, view it.
  • It is a great medium for local advertising, as it allows you to focus your actions on specific areas.

But for a poster to make an impact, it is not enough to create it without planning, but three keys are necessary: ​​a good design, good print quality and a correct location.

To achieve the first of these elements, design, there are a number of tips that can help us:

  • Focusing the poster on the benefit of the product or service we advertise is a resource that works, as viewers are looking for something that will make their day-to-day easier. It is necessary to find that advantage and exploit it visually and attractively.
  • For this, the colors associated with the brand will be used, a way that the message remains engraved.
  • A short message will also be displayed, in simple and direct language and that is easy to remember and that will prevail over other elements such as images.
  • The company logo will be included so that the advertisement is associated with the brand.
  • The design will be pleasing, using a consistent color scheme and fonts, plus good quality images.
  • The poster will not be overloaded with too many elements that confuse the reader.
  • The contact details of the company will be included.
  • The rise of new technologies encourages QR codes on posters so that users find more information. Using them in a poster can be synonymous with visits to our website Custom Graphix Signworks.

As for the subject of printing, the ideal is to know the place where they are going to be placed in order to choose the format, since the size greatly influences the location. Thus, the DIN A2 size would be too large for shop windows in a business, while an A3 or A4 would be too small for certain channels such as mupis or canopies.

Are you ready to create your advertising poster? If not, our professionals can help you find your ideal design.

The poster or commercial poster is an advertising tool that is mainly used to promote brand recognition, encourage the sale of a product or service, or promote a company event. Advertising posters are part of most marketing campaigns for both small and medium-sized companies and large firms, as they are an advertising claim that generates good results with minimal investment. We tell you what are the advantages of advertising with posters.

  • Powerful. A poster is visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if it is also located in the correct area, it can be very powerful. In each city there are certain strategic points through which thousands of people pass daily that can see what is being advertised on the poster.
  • Large format commercial posters can have a great visual impact if the design is attractive.
  • It is an excellent support for advertising locally.
  • They are inexpensive and effective. The creation and placement of posters does not have a high cost and the return on investment can be very favorable.
  • It is a channel with a long history that is known and appreciated by the public.
  • Scalable advertising. We can adapt and print the same advertising message to different sizes depending on the place where it is going to be located: a shop window, counter, marquee, mupi, etc. You can even adapt the message to other formats if we want to distribute the advertising in another medium, such as carrying out a mailbox campaign through flyers, with which we can achieve greater recognition of the advertisement and the brand.
  • The posters can be made in a wide variety of materials and finishes, which offers numerous possibilities for its design.

 Advertising with posters has many advantages, but to achieve the impact we want and that stands out from the competition it is important to take into account its design, with a concise message and attractive images, the quality of printing and where they will be located. In this last point, it must be considered that posters cannot be posted anywhere on public roads and if it is carried out in areas that are not enabled for it, they can sanction us. The best thing when putting up posters is to have a professional company that does it the right way.