The new decade found an elaborate printing industry; with innovations and affordable accessories. More so, the introductions of new manufacturers in the printers’ and accessories business.  Competition means that the printer user is spoilt for choice. In the past two decades, the industry was still growing and it was hard to get better options especially for toner cartridges.

It’s easier for printer users to access re-manufactured and compatible toner cartridges these days. One reliable compatible toner cartridge is the Brother HL-2270DW toner. Broadly, as a printer user, you are not limited to a single type of toner cartridge. For instance, the most expensive toner cartridge is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) which we will look into further below.

The Toner Cartridge vs. Printer Ink

There are several advantages associated with the toner cartridge over the inkjet printers. For one, the toner cartridge prints faster than its counterpart. Besides, the toner cartridge printer can easily print on any type of paper. The toner cartridge yields a thousand pages at a less expensive cost than the inkjet printers.

However, you are expected to spend more on a toner-based printer than on the inkjet one. Plus OEM replacement toner cartridge is costlier than printers, especially in the long term.

How Toner Cartridge Works

The toner cartridge is a dry powder derived from polymers. This allows the toner cartridge to print permanent images on the paper. The process is possible because the toner is a heat-sensitive compound. Once the toner cartridge runs out, you can either purchase the OEM or choose between the re-manufactured or the compatible toner cartridges.

For those that don’t know, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) toner cartridges are created by the printer manufacturer themselves. The compatible toner cartridges are created by third party companies. On the other hand, the re-manufactured toners are recycled toners that are dismantled, cleaned, and refilled with toner for reusing.


The existence of many companies offering cheaper options means you do not have to spend a lot to replace the toner cartridges. If you haven’t tried the compatible toner cartridges such as Brother HL-2270DW toner, then you should! They offer equally recognizable or in some cases, better performance than the OEM.

The compatible toner cartridges prices go as low as 60% of the Original’s. But the low prices aren’t because they are of lower quality, rather the competitive nature of the business. The compatible and re-manufactured sellers started out selling through online stores at the start of the previous decade. Brick and mortar retailers still stock the OEMs.

Compatible vs. Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

The words “compatible” and re-manufactured toner cartridges are used loosely and not confined to any industry standards. In some cases where they might mean the same, they’re used interchangeably. As stated earlier, there are notable differences. For one, the compatible toner cartridges are an entirely new component while the re-manufactured unit is built from a spent toner cartridge.

Even if the re-manufactured cartridges are created from manufactured material, the faulty parts are replaced with new ones. Some manufacturers supply this industry with new components. The compatible and re-manufactured toner cartridges are subjected to the same standards as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges.

The right manufacturing standards

Due to the competitive nature of the business they do not compromise on the standards and quality of the products. To be on the safe side, you should ensure that you conduct background checks on the performance and reputation of the company.

One way you can easily tell what kind of company you are dealing with is if they offer a product warranty. And if you find out they have a product warranty, then you should read the fine print on their terms and conditions. You should ask yourself: what does the warranty cover? So that you don’t end up shook when there are breakages!

And you can be sure that Brother HL-2270DW toner is a cost saver and it’s readily available for your printers. As you will notice this toner is manufactured through dedicated passion and industry set standards. Users have had a great opportunity for return sales once they used it for the first time!

This toner is usually subjected to the right tests before releasing it into the market. It’s a toner cartridge that will exceed the users’ expectations.

Should You Worry About The Product Warranty?

There is a fear among printer users that if they use the compatible and re-manufactured toner cartridges it will void their printer’s warranty. This is not the case. Unless the printer’s manufacturer proves the damage was directly linked to the toner cartridge then there’s no problem.

However, if the compatible toner cartridge caused the problem, the manufacturer might choose not to repair the printer but other warranty issues remain covered!

The bottom line is that it’s more beneficial to a printer’s user to purchase compatible or re-manufactured toner cartridges. They are cost-efficient and will offer similar or better performance than the OEM.

All you have to do is to choose the right retailer to get the best toner cartridges! They are quite important especially when the original runs out!