Managing an office comes with a set of challenges and rewards that an entrepreneur must face as an effort to make your workforce comfortable, safe and productive through the day. Where it is a present that only a few are presented with, you are likely to take some pride in it and you deserve to.

Being a managing director of the company, the key to making an impact on your employees is to enhance and maintain a hygienic environment for the employees. Your workforce is an important part of your business and deserve a clean, decluttered and distraction free place to be productive.

Although most companies require their employees to maintain a clean place; they are not employed to clean your office and neither are you responsible for it. This is where a commercial cleaning company can assist you to maintain a hygienic organization.  

In this guide we are going to talk about the why, when and how of hiring commercial cleaning service New York, Manhattan, and more. 

Why hire a commercial cleaning company

When it comes to hire a cleaning service, the first thing you must understand is how can it help your organization and if the services are worth the expenses and efforts. Here are six major reasons to hire a cleaning service.

  • A better working environment

With a clean environment and a spotless place, your employees are more comfortable and satisfied which results in better productivity. Rather than working around a pile of papers they will be working on the tasks they were hired for.

  • Expertise and experience

Hiring the pros to do the job is an efficient way as they are experienced and understand the ways to keep the things cleaned in a professional way. By hiring a cleaning company to do the job, you’ll have the peace of mind you need to focus on the most important tasks of your business.

  • Reliability and consistency

Rather than putting the responsibility of cleaning on to a receptionist or janitors, hire a cleaning company for a consistent and reliable cleaning services. When you rely on the professionals instead of your team and workforce, you can be sure of efficient services despite the weather and health conditions.

  • Germ evasion

While your employees are responsible for their own trash and work stations, they don’t think about disinfecting the place. Hiring a commercial cleaning service on the other hand can help you in sanitizing the place with cleaners. This is essential in those changing weather and flu seasons to make sure your employees are not infected by any contaminant.  

  • The ease of managing a trusted vendor

Every efficient cleaning service have a setup which can help those keeping schedules. You can take the advantage to manage the schedules and pay efficiently to the cleaning company. It is especially easy as you don’t have to manage things on your own or hire an office cleaner.

When to hire a commercial cleaning company

There is no right time to hire a cleaning service or your organization. Here are some warning signs that may be an indication to hire a cleaning service for your company.

  • Your team is too busy

Your team is a group of people who thrive on appreciation and can wear loads of hats on their shoulders whiteout uttering a word. However, your team cannot thrive on the work they were employed for if they are too busy uncluttering the litter or restocking resources. For most companies, this is the major reason for hiring a commercial cleaning company.

  • You’ve moved into a new place

Whether it is a startup or the result of an expansion, it is a good time to set up new expectations and procedures for managing the new space. It is also a reason to hire a cleaning service to maintain a hygienic environment of the company.

  • Your current cleaning situation is not cutting in

Whether you are unhappy with the current provider or you’ve got concerns about cost and etiquette, it is worth it to look for new cleaning services. It can take time and energy, but it’s worthwhile as you no longer have to deal with improfeciency of an unreliable cleaning company.

How to find a reliable cleaning service

Once you are ready to hire, here are three ways to hire a reliable commercial cleaning service.

  • Referrals

Dive deep into the network of office managers and employees of the company and ask around for cleaning companies. The positive compliments for a company are worth noting but negative don’t have much on their side.

  • Online reviews

Look at google, yelp, thumbtack or more about cleaning company reviews. Sort those who have the average composite of at least 4.0 and higher and read reviews. Look for positive reviews that list punctuality, attention to detail and exceptional services in their reviews. Don’t ignore the negatives as they are written by an unhappy employee or client.

Final word

Once your cleaning company is on board, you’ll need to establish a relationship based on trust. It is important to understand their work and expect the best. Getting into rhythm may take a few weeks, but remaining patient and communicating can help in working to meet your expectations and needs.

Author Bio: Ellie Grayson is a brand owner and business person for quite some time. She began her journey working with the Saints 2 Clean and made her way to become her own brand in much little time. She is a graduate in literature and language from the University of Queens. She is from the UK and moved to the USA to pursue her passion. She is also a passionate writer and reader.