Remember gathering in the living room with your family and watching old home movies recorded on your parents’ video camera? Do you have fond memories of making your own feature-length films with your friends and a borrowed camcorder?

Camcorders are not just a relic from the past; many creatives still turn to these handheld cameras for all of their video recording needs and creative endeavors. Youtubers, music artists, and social media influencers are looking to shake things up in their video production now that the extra time holed up at home during the quarantine has rekindled many creator’s creative flames. Although phone cameras have greatly improved over the years and are convenient for recording last-minute video ideas, their power cannot extend as far as your creative horizons and they certainly are not as reliable as a video camera dedicated to these moments of inspiration.

Bikes and workout equipment may be nearly impossible to find for purchase right now, but you won’t have to hunt down high-end video equipment that fits within your budget with camcorder rental and Borrow Lenses. Borrow Lenses lets you do exactly what their name says—borrow their lenses, cameras, and accessories—at a fraction of the cost. The company will actually send affordable rental equipment directly to your home or set. If you simply cannot wait to put your new ideas to work, you can also pick up your reserved gear from any of the many Borrow Lenses pickup locations, and send it right back with the prepaid shipping label when you’re done.

Here are a few reasons you’ll want to consider when thinking about using a camcorder instead of a phone camera for your next project.


If you want a quality recording, better ditch that phone camera. The lens of a camcorder is far superior to any lens you can find on a cellphone and even exceeds the abilities of some DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Shoot clear videos in 60 fps, and even get a closer zoom with the capabilities of cameras such as the Panasonic aj-p2c008ag or the Canon XF405.


A stellar Panasonic camera is nothing without its professional video storage system. You don’t want to be halfway through your shoot and realize you’ve already filled your camera’s internal storage or memory card. Camcorders have superior internal storage systems and, if you do use up all the storage, additional memory cards and external memory devices are easy to store in any camera bag. Don’t sacrifice your memories for your camera’s memory: make sure you get every shot with a high-def digital camcorder.


Not only is the video quality and memory storage more reliable, but the overall quality of sound is, too. Camcorders were made for picking up and filtering through sounds and can even record in surround sound. If your audio still isn’t crisp enough with the internal microphone, then almost all models of camcorders have a jack for an external microphone setup. Borrow Lenses can even hook you up with a mic or other audio accessories for your rig.


The last, but perhaps most important, reason why you should pick up a camcorder in 2020 is because it’s simply more comfortable to hold for long periods of time. The attached strap will keep the equipment secure in your hand, and most camcorders also feature shaky cam detection software to help steady even videos taken by the shakiest of hands. If you don’t want to hold the camera, Borrow Lenses has plenty of tripods and stands to choose from for an additional tool that will assure you get that clear and comfortable.

Each item from the website is hand inspected, cleaned, and packed by expert technicians for every rental. If you have any questions or concerns with your gear at any time, then you can live chat with the technicians, photographers, and videographers before, during, and even after your rental period.

So, go ahead and dust off that old camcorder you have in the closet (or maybe your parents’ closet) and get shooting. If you don’t have one, or if you’re looking to upgrade your setup at an affordable price, then try out some high-end gear at a fraction of the cost and at a time that fits your schedule. You’ll be prepared for the next time creativity strikes.