The Internet optimizes the way people communicate and connect, gather information, and perform everyday tasks. It’s a helpful tool professionally seeking jobs, downloading and streaming music, and gaming. Internet connection offers convenient, remote ways to get an education. Student enrollment in online courses continues to increase, as does the creation of online degree programs.

Colleges and universities offer online degrees in multiple majors. Psychology is a popular major offered by most postsecondary universities. In the United States, the years 2015-2016 saw 117,000 psychology degrees conferred. Students aspiring to earn psychology degrees can utilize the Internet and technology to complete their studies. They can apply for the online forensic psychology degree offered by Faulkner University, for a specialized curriculum in psychology.

Efficient Internet access and connection are necessary for the completion of online tasks, which the Australian government recognizes. To improve telecommunications nationwide in Australia, the government created the National Broadband Network, referred to as the NBN.

What Is The NBN?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is the first nationwide, open-access data network of Australia. This government-funded initiative intends to make the Internet more accessible and provide a fast, reliable Internet connection. All Australian businesses and households can benefit from having an efficient broadband network, especially those that use outdated technological infrastructure in need of replacing. The NBN is a capable replacement for the copper cable telephone network. A fast broadband network is essential for meeting Internet users’ personal and professional needs.

What NBN Speeds Are Available?

Four-speed tiers are available to users for NBN technology: basic evening speed, standard evening speed, standard plus evening speed, and premium evening speed.

Knowing how a broadband service on the NBN will perform during peak busy hours in the evening can help users decide which service to choose. NBN users should be aware of any limitations that would impair their specific connection. Residents can get information on NBN services from NBN providers. It’s a requirement that providers adhere to the Australian Consumer Law and give customers detailed, accurate information.

Providers should inform NBN users of the typical speed of NBN broadband services during the four-hour busy evening period from seven to 11 p.m. Additional information includes the maximum attainable speed one’s NBN service is capable of if their connection uses copper wiring such as fiber to the building connection or fiber to the node connection and can’t achieve the off-peak speed of the selected plan.

Homeowners and business owners should research broadband providers, and the NBN plans they offer. Compare NBN plans with iSelect. iSelect gives consumers information on NBN providers and the connection speed tiers available, making it easy for them to make decisions based on their individual needs. Using iSelect, Australian residents can learn why peak times matter and how they affect Internet connection.

Peak Internet usage times in Australia are between seven and eleven pm. Basic evening speed is the entry-level plan for basic Internet needs. The rate is less than 15mbps during typical peak times. The standard evening speed is a plan suited for people who live in residential areas and complete an action such as streaming a high-definition movie while browsing the web. During typical peak times, the speed is 15mbps. Standard plus evening speed can service the needs of residents with higher, frequent Internet users who stream movies and music on multiple devices. This speed tier is 30 Mbps during typical peak times. Premium evening speed, running 60mbps during peak times, is ideal for households with members that stream ultra-high-definition movies, use online gaming, and complete other online tasks.

With help from iSelect, Internet users should choose a plan according to their regular Internet usage and activities. Students taking online courses and seeking a degree via an online program should consider how much online research they’ll have to do and the assignments they’ll have to turn in, and the amount of time they’ll spend on the Internet when choosing an NBN plan. Connecting to the NBN gives users access to unlimited data and efficient connection, optimizing the way users conduct online business, complete online assignments, and use social networking sites and engage in entertainment.