In life, there are items you need that are essential to living. It could be something as basic as a vehicle, a cell phone, a roof over your head, or the clothes you need to wear for work. Taking it further, you’ll find that as a man, there are items that are extremely essential that you should have in your life. Check out some of the below choices for the six items that every self-respecting man needs in his life.

1. An Automobile

Ever since their creation back in 1885, automobiles have been crucial in helping with transportation. Fast forward to now, and without this means of mobility, life would be hard to navigate. Cars are essential for business and personal activities. Just being able to have the means to get from point A to point B is a luxury that we’ve come to expect.

For men, having a car takes on a couple of guises. If you’re a father, you need your car to transport your family to wherever they need to be. As an employee, you need to have a reliable form of transportation so that you can get to your job on time. If you’re a single guy, you want to put your best foot forward to try to impress a potential date. And while cars are expensive, you can score a good deal if you know where to shop. For instance, auto auctions are one solution many people don’t consider, but that offer some of the best car deals around. Auctions provide a great place to find vehicles for a great price. Whether it’s providing for your family or simply enjoying a night out on the town with someone that you’re interested in, it’s essential that an automobile is in your life.

2. A Stylish Watch

The argument stands that digital clocks on phones have done away with traditional watches. Though there’s some validity to this argument, traditional watches still serve several purposes for men. First and foremost, you have a timepiece which, well, simply tells the time. Though a smartphone can basically act as a personal computer in today’s world, having a watch that simply tells time is a plus. Men used watches before cell phones were created, and they can use them for the same function now. Not to mention, many modern wristwatches offer additional functionality, like tracking daily activity, or receiving texts on your wrist without having to check your phone. Second, a good wristwatch can be a stylish addition to your wardrobe. It can accentuate a nice suit, or even add to a casual outfit. Watches are key to a man’s life.

3. A Nice Workout Wardrobe

For a variety of reasons, working out is important for men as they get older. Whether it’s for health reasons (physical or mental), or simply wanting to stay fit and looking good, keeping oneself fit is a daily goal that a lot of guys try to stay on top of. While trying to stay fit, having a nice set of workout clothes is essential. While an old t-shirt and shorts combo from high school may get the job done, the world of workout wear has evolved, and a modern man should want to look sharp while getting his sweat on. Men should upgrade to buying newer apparel which looks good, is made of quality material, and helps a guy to have a solid workout.

4. Quality Beard Thickener Products

Maintaining a stylish beard is necessary if you want to rock your facial hair. This is especially true if your goal is to grow a thicker beard that stands out. One way that you can get a thicker beard in your life is to try out some beard thickener products like beard growth spray, beard growth oil, or other products that promote healthy beard growth.

The other cool thing about products like these is that they come in different formulas, such as a shampoo, conditioner, or even a balm. Whatever your preference, there are a wide variety of options to choose from to help prevent having a patchy beard, and to create opportunities for hair growth. Filled with a variety of natural ingredients and vitamins, such beard thickeners make a fine addition to essential items that should be in a man’s life.

5. A Great Pair of Sneakers

A fresh pair of kicks are also an essential addition to any self-respecting man’s must-haves. Whether you’re looking to chill with a group of friends at the bar, or you’re going out on a date, sneakers are a great accessory. First, as with watches, these can be a stylish addition to a man’s overall wardrobe. You want to look good, no matter the situation. This form of footwear can run the gamut from old school stylish sneakers to a more recent designer pair.

Second, while you’re trying to be cool and casual, you also want to be comfortable. Imagine trying to chill with a group of friends in a pair of stiff wingtips, or heading to a party in a pair of uncomfortable loafers. It’s hard to have fun when your feet are hurting. The good news is that there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to an affordable and nice pair of sneakers to try, and a lot of men have already made the jump.

6. A Signature Cologne

This goes without saying: everyone likes to smell good. For men, one way to obtain the best results is to find a signature cologne. Cologne has a way of turning heads for the better, and if a guy is able to find a signature cologne that has those active ingredients needed to create a great smell, that’s all the better. Top fragrances include choices like DIOR HOMME Eau de Toilette, Gentleman Givenchy Eau de Toilette Spray, and CREED Aventus, Eau de Parfum. Take your time when choosing between these sprays. A man’s signature cologne is that: his signature. You want to find something that resonates with your personality while providing you with a great scent at the end of the day.