As states cautiously approach the concept of reopening, workers may find themselves in new and uncertain workplace conditions that offer little guidance on staying safe during these difficult times. Fortunately, educating yourself on some of the best safety practices and ensuring that your employer is observing these tips as well is a great start to help protect you and your fellow coworkers. If you want to return to work safely, here are some tips on how to avoid contracting the Coronavirus and staying safe in the workplace.

1. Wear a mask when around coworkers and customers.

Face coverings are designed to serve two purposes: to prevent you from unknowingly spreading the virus and to prevent others from spreading the virus to you. A responsible workplace ensures that both employees and customers are wearing masks to greatly reduce the spread of COVID-19 within the workplace. That said, having the right type of face mask is important as not all products are designed to effectively keep out respiratory droplets.

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2. Maintain your distance from other employees and customers in the workplace.

The closer you are to an individual with COVID-19, the more at risk you are of contracting the virus. If you work in an environment where there are a considerable number of employees and customers in the same place, this poses a significant health risk. Observe social distancing recommendations and make sure that you are at least six feet away from others in your workplace. Additionally, talk to your employer (or implement rules yourself if you are a manager) about adding physical distance rules for customers to ensure that all employees are safe in the workplace.

3. Regularly wash your hands after coming into contact with people and foreign items.

Our hands come into contact with multiple objects on a daily basis. While some of these objects may belong to us and carry a low risk of having the virus lurking on their surface, many other objects that have touched by the general public can cause you to contract the virus if you touch your face without washing your hands first. Whenever you touch a foreign object, make sure to avoid touching your face (or physically touching others) and wash your hands as soon as possible. If you anticipate going somewhere where you know you will be in contact with public items, it can be a great idea to bring gloves to avoid direct contact as well.

4. Clean areas that have been in contact with multiple people.

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects that may have been potentially contaminated is key to keeping the workplace safe. That said, it is important that you only do this while wearing the necessary protective equipment and speaking with your employer first to ensure that you have permission to. Generally, there are employees who may have this role specifically and who know how to clean while avoiding potential hazards, whereas day-to-day employees may be at increased risk while trying to clean high-contact areas. Remember, safety first!

5. Monitor your own health and take the necessary steps to avoid passing the virus on to others.

Finally, it is vital that you regularly monitor your health and keep an eye out for any COVID-19 symptoms. Doing so will prevent the spread of the virus in your workplace. If you feel as though you are sick, alert your employer, get tested, and isolate at home until you receive the results. This is something that you should encourage your fellow employees to do as well.

The Coronavirus pandemic is concerning, to say the least, but many people have no option but to return back to work. If you are anticipating reentering the workplace soon, use the tips above to stay safe, reduce the spread of COVID-19, and interact with others more responsibly.