Having a surveillance system is one of the best ways to protect your business and employees. Video surveillance can be helpful following a dangerous situation, but by choosing a video surveillance system that offers a live feed from your cameras to any device of your choice can help prevent unauthorized people from entering your buildings and avoid dangerous situations altogether. When it comes to choosing video surveillance for your building, you want to look for the best of the best.

Reputable Brand

You’ll want to make sure the video surveillance company you choose to protect your business has a reputation of trustworthiness. Secure video channels, data encryption, and digital video insights are a must. Verkada offers a video surveillance solution specifically for large businesses, educational, and government buildings. Their hybrid cloud video surveillance technology makes them a leader in protection and reliability.

Verkada’s cloud technology allows you to seamlessly access all the cameras in your network at the same time and on any device. Along with a live-stream of the video feed, their security system will send you notifications in real-time to your mobile device whenever any time movement is detected. Verkada has four different series of video security hardware. Their hardware is known for its incredible durability for both inside and outside use.

What truly makes Verkada stand out as a video surveillance company is its access control solutions. It puts you in control and ensures a level of protection that is unmatched. You can remotely open entry points and manage access rights and permissions for employees and guests. They also offer a mobile app that can act as a digital key card for your employees.

Camera Features

Video surveillance systems have come a long way, and it can be frustrating when a company is using an out-of-date system. Throughout the United States, many of the cameras used for CCTV and surveillance are poor quality and do very little to help in an actual investigation following an incident. When deciding on a surveillance system, you’ll want to choose a company with state-of- the-art hardware with high-quality digital video recording.

Verkada is well known for its high-quality digital video feeds. The picture for your video surveillance system is crystal clear, meaning you can easily identify threats and see the features of any suspicious individuals. Their cameras have built-in solid-state drives that allow for uninterrupted video recording all year long and unlimited storage for archived clips. Verkada also provides free software updates for all their users to ensure you always have the newest features and functionalities, and the highest operational efficiency.

Every series of camera they offer has built-in encoders, meaning any video or information that is sent over the network is encrypted and protected from any malicious interference. The physical hardware is not only durable through all weather conditions, but also tamper-proof. You will receive live notifications any time physical sabotage is detected by the hardware’s sensors.

Cloud-Based Networks and Data Analysis

Using a cloud-based network for your security system has a lot of benefits. It makes it easier to share data and video feed seamlessly. It also provides nearly unlimited storage space. Security companies that use the cloud have an obligation to protect your data that is being shared through their servers.

All of Verkada’s cloud-based services are hosted on AWS servers. Amazon’s protocols for data protection and analysis are unmatched by other servers. Verkada encrypts all of your video and data with the most secure algorithms in the security industry. Their cameras come with automatic backup features, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing your sensitive data.