There’s basically no such thing as a business that doesn’t rely on technology in some form anymore. Even if it’s all legacy systems in a small business, they at least rely on accounting software and likely use inventory tracking and human resources software as well. Any business that wants to be and stay successful needs to utilize the internet and software solutions on some level.

Businesses in tech fields, or businesses that rely heavily on integrated technologies, may have unique needs compared to others. Businesses relying on advanced tech solutions are only increasing as digital transformations continue to become more popular. Whether you sell technological solutions yourself or rely on advanced solutions for data management, supply chain planning, or customer support, here are a couple of great tools that work for tech-heavy businesses.

Customer Experience (CX) Solutions

No matter what type of business you’re running, your customers are your most important resource, and you need to show them that. All organizations can become customer-centric organizations. They need to since customer support and service can be the deciding factors in their favor, even if they can’t offer the best prices. With modern technology providing access to global customers, it’s important that each one feels appreciated by your business.

One of the best ways you can ensure this is with a reliable customer feedback system. Alchemer offers a voice of the customer system, also known as a customer experience platform, on their site The Alchemer platform can help you build customer-centricity and become a support hero by collecting valuable customer feedback to draw actionable insights and act on them.

Alchemer allows you to create customer surveys with the systems you already use, so respondents can provide feedback without you having to make any major changes. They also provide multiple communication tools, such as email tools, SMS, and video options, to keep in touch with customers. Alchemer can also combine the data you gather via business intelligence tools in one area so that you can get quick understandings of your data. Once you build a reputation for impeccable customer service, word will spread, and more people will become interested in your business.

IP Adress Space

Every device connected to the internet has an internet protocol (IP) address. IPv4 is the current version of IP addresses, meaning that most public internet traffic is routed via IPv4 addresses. While an IPv4 address works perfectly fine, there is actually limited space for address blocks so long as it’s available. This is because there’s only a set amount of unique identifiers produced with each version of the IP address. IPv4 is quickly running out of space thanks to smartphones, mobile devices, and the internet of things (IoT).

With each person often having multiple devices connected to the network these days, ISPs are having difficulty generating unique IP addresses for each one of them. The next evolution in IP technology, IPv6, seeks to solve this problem by utilizing 128-bit addresses. This would effectively allow for millions of additional unique identifiers, but IPv6 is facing some challenges before widespread adoption due to cost and complexity.

Meanwhile, businesses are advised to purchase verified clean IPv4 address blocks. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it ensures that you’ll have enough IPv4 address space to host all of your content. Your needs will naturally grow as your business expands, so it’s important that you’re covered. Secondly, clean IPv4 boxes ensure your reputation. Out of the currently available IPv4 addresses, many have been blacklisted for things like spam or even fraudulent activity. Using such address blocks will make it difficult for your business to rank in search engines. IPv4 address blocks that you purchase are always wiped clean before they go into use for you. This is the best way to protect your business from moving forward.

These are just a couple of great tools recommended for any tech-heavy business. As you analyze your needs, you’ll likely discover other assets like data management and analysis solutions as well.