The internet is no longer confined to laptops and phones. Instead, it’s connecting nearly every type of appliance imaginable, from thermostats to lightbulbs.

Smart home technology has changed how people live their daily lives, and more and more people are looking into ways to make their homes smarter. If you’re intrigued by smart home technology, read on to learn what tools are available to you.

1. Smart Speakers

Before you get anything else, you probably want to get a smart speaker. Devices like Google Homes and Amazon Alexas epitomize what you can do with connected tech. At a mere word, you can do anything from checking the weather to calling your family to playing music. Not only that, but smart speakers can often control other smart devices, making them the first starting block for building your smart home.  

2. Smart Outlets

Even electrical outlets can be smart these days. Smart outlets plug into your existing outlets and act similarly to a power strip. The catch is that these plugs also connect to WiFi and can issue remote commands to your electronics.

With the aid of a smart plug, you can make existing “dumb” appliances smart. Smart plugs can be programmed to turn devices on and off remotely or according to a schedule. They also respond to voice commands. These devices give you a little cheat to make your home smarter without having to buy a ton of new devices.

3. Home Security Cameras

One of the most practical applications of smart home tech is the proliferation of internet-connected security cameras. These cameras let you monitor the outside of your home from an app, wirelessly sending you a video feed of anyone who’s approaching. You can also remotely control the direction the camera points in, how much it zooms, etc.

More than that, home security cameras and other connected security systems often have automatic alerts built in. If anything suspicious happens, you’ll get an alert on your phone. From there, it’s easy to investigate what’s happening and call for help if needed – even if you aren’t home at the time.

4. Baby and Pet Monitors

Connected cameras aren’t just for the outside of the house. They can also be used to monitor those inside your home who need a little extra protection.

Smart baby monitors watch over your child as they sleep, giving you video and audio on-demand. Some even monitor how well your baby is sleeping.

If you instead have “fur babies,” remote pet monitors exist, too. These let you watch your pets while you’re away for the day, giving you an audio and video feed you can use to make sure they’re happy and safe. Some also allow you to speak with your pet through them. Most fun of all, you can press a button on an app to dispense treats to your good boy or girl.

5. Thermostats

The temperature of your home is one of the key aspects that decides whether it’s comfortable. Smart thermostats make it easier than ever to keep your home cozy by letting you set the temperature through a phone app or voice commands. You can also set schedules for your smart thermostat so it starts warming up your home minutes before you get out of bed or right before you return from work for the day.

6. Lighting

Gone are the days of having to get up when you’re comfortable just to switch on a light. With smart lights, you can use voice commands and set up schedules to turn the lights on and off more easily. Most smart lights also do more than normal lights do, with built-in dimmers and multiple options for light colors. Smart lights let you create the exact ambiance you want in your home with little effort.

7. Vacuums

Roombas and other robot vacuums have changed the way we clean for the better. You can now get perfectly clean floors without even having to get up. And they’re getting more capable all the time. Modern smart vacuums can sense obstacles, learn the layout of your home with AI, and even connect to the internet. There are also smart mops for tile and hardwood floors.

8. Exercise Equipment

Exercising at home is easier than ever thanks to smart home tech. Products like Peloton bikes, weight machines, and connected treadmills can bring an extra level of fun and motivation to your workouts.

Smart exercise equipment connects to the internet to deliver on-demand classes and track your progress. They can also use data from previous workouts to suggest areas of focus for upcoming exercise sessions. During your workouts, smart exercise equipment can count reps, offer real-time feedback on your form, or adjust resistance as you go.

9. Kitchen Appliances

Even the kitchen is getting smart these days. There is a plethora of kitchen appliances that are being made with internet connectivity, including coffee machines, pressure cookers, grills, and more.

For example, connected countertop ovens are becoming more common. These devices can bake, broil, reheat, and more, using an internet connection to let you control and monitor them remotely. Similar capabilities can be found in connected pressure cookers and grills. Coffee pots, meanwhile, can be programmed to have a fresh cup ready for you just when you need it. Even refrigerators are getting smart these days, keeping track of what you have and what you need to buy more of.

Smart home tech can make your life easier, simpler, and more connected. If you want a smarter lifestyle, some of these smart home tools can help you achieve it.