Hemp products, specifically cannabidiol (CBD), have swept the nation as individuals look for ways to help alleviate various ailments, the natural way. But while these types of products are popular, some CBD companies will profit off of new customers by selling them low-quality products that may not be as advertised, resulting in a less-than-desirable experience when they first try out CBD products for themselves.

Fortunately, with a little education, sourcing high-quality products like CBD oil, gummies, capsules, topicals, and vapes is quite easy. If you’re interested in what the hemp plant has to offer, here’s a guide to finding the best hemp products for your needs.

Always consult with your doctor before using hemp products.

Take your time to truly understand hemp products and what you should be looking for when you start shopping.


There are a wide variety of hemp products on the market, which can make it difficult to find the actual product you’re looking for. In fact, some vendors may actually offer certain products with the hope that you will buy them without knowing that you’re not buying the right thing. As such, knowing exactly what hemp is and what you’re buying is the most crucial aspect of the process.

  1. CBD is not the same as THC: Although tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD belong to a group of compounds found within hemp known as cannabinoids, CBD lacks the psychoactive effects that you would experience when smoking flowers from the cannabis plant. That being said, some CBD products do contain trace amounts of THC (less than 0.03 percent as this is the legal threshold according to the United States Farm Bill). If you don’t want to consume THC, look for extracts with CBD isolate. If you’re interested in the entourage effect that may occur when CBD and terpenes are allowed to mix, consider a full-spectrum product instead.
  2. Hemp oil is not the same as CBD oil: Hemp oil, which is extracted from hemp seeds, contains little to no CBD. However, new users may not know this and purchase a product that has no potency or effects. Make sure that you are buying a CBD product and that you know how much CBD is contained within it.
  3. There are no guaranteed results: There are so many medical claims being made about CBD and how it targets health issues like inflammation, chronic pain, and more. The truth? There’s not enough research to make any definitive claims regarding the efficacy of CBD and it’s not FDA-approved. Always do your research and consult your primary care physician to understand whether or not CBD is safe for you to take. With a better understanding of CBD, you can navigate the buying process more effectively.

Always read the reviews of any product you plan on purchasing.

Product reviews like CBD oil reviews are the best resources you have to find the right product for your needs. Great customer reviews will inform you about the type of experience others have had, any side effects they experienced, what the level of quality is for a specific product, and beyond.

Whether you’re looking for an organic hemp product, a product that offers the best value, or a CBD brand like Royal CBD that offers free shipping with their products, set aside some time to look through customer review guides to make your decision based on what other CBD users have to say.

Look for authoritative companies that have a developed reputation in the space.


It’s a common experience—you find CBD products for a great price, purchase them, and either never receive your goods or receive something that is far different from what you expected. Because CBD isn’t as heavily regulated as other substances, it’s easy for scammers to cash in on interested users. When you decide to try CBD for the first time, only buy your products from reputable brands that are well established in the CBD industry. Otherwise, you may be disappointed when your package finally comes.

Because CBD is such a new substance, many users are tricked into buying ineffective or low-quality products. If you want to make sure that you’re only buying the best products to see if there are desirable effects of CBD, use the guide above to learn more about CBD and how you can source only the best CBD products.