Every year’s online design trends assure us to entertain and engage us into a creative display of self-expression and promotion by businesses/brands or individuals. The 2021 forecast suggested by a society of web designers across the globe gives some insight into how the upcoming year is going to turn out in terms of online template designs.

2021’s online design trends seem to have a similar theme: instead of creating a hi-tech vision, online designers are in quest of new heights of realism. They are combining the digital world and real-life and it goes on to showcase the great extent to which daily life has been incorporated into websites and act as a vital element no designers want to miss out on.

We have mentioned below the top anticipated features and ideas that we can expect to see in Template designs online in 2021.

1. Retro font styles

We’ve noticed several old references become relevant again, and then eventually become even more irrelevant. Retro fonts have observed a similar irregular trajectory in terms of popularity, and several designs having traditional fonts haven’t been appreciated a lot by the audience.

Nevertheless, nostalgic fonts have experienced a sort of revival. Moreover, styling and elements of artistic quality are restructuring the full potential of retro fonts.

2. Parallax scroll graphics

Parallax scroll graphics have remained a steady trend in online designing for years; hence in 2021, we wish to come across more understated and imaginative ideations of what can be achieved with parallax.

This graphic technique should be used cautiously as it might be disturbing for the people with visual impairments due the graphic look it creates. Hence, designers should try to balance or limit the implementation of this technique.

3. Choose hushed colours

Muted colours are the ideal background for the hand-sketched designed text and graphics. In the backdrop, there’s a faintly perky speck that’s almost barely visible, and a slight twist to the dull and gloomy backdrops, creating a vivid and appealing design.

4. Gaussian smudge

Creators have recently started adding this existing technique in their web designs due to the neutral yet vivid loo it offers to the overall design. It is used in many template designs used by Designhill.

5. Storytelling

An emergent trend in the online templates can be seen going around where designers choose to depict brand//business or individual life stories through online content designs. This is where storytelling takes the lead –digital/graphic storytelling techniques can be used to elevate the story and engage you with its narrative.

6. Cartoon depictions

It wasn’t that long ago when online entertainment consisted of just text and some pictures or doodles. Web design has significantly developed, with creators now doing tasks that relate to the audience on a greater personal level. Cartoon drawings and sketches have acquired fame as a tool for restructuring pages with a considerable input of humanity. Many designers choose this type of art expression as it grants them flexibility and freedom of expression to work with to create something they are passionate about.

Cartoon illustrations have become much more than just a medium to deliver entertaining content through sketches or comics but have evolved into something more meaningful. These days, designers try to deliver a social message or brand promotion through their cartoons to generate awareness regarding the concerned subject.

7. Geometric grids

Grids are basic yet can be worked upon in several different ways due to the flexibility they offer. Hence designers might integrate this template design again in 2021 with their creative additions to tweak its basic nature.

8. Personalised cursor designs

Cursors are likely one of the most underrated elements of online designing, with a majority of us satisfied with a simple arrow. When a designer chooses to modify this minute detail in a website and make it into something unique, this can be regarded as commendable.

9. Audio Inputs                                                                           

Including audio as a crucial part of a template eradicates convenience restraints for the audience with visual impairments, and also suits those who like to hear a considerable amount of content on a website. This year, we hope to see more audio alternatives available on websites, granting the visitors a preference in how they wish to absorb content.

10. Develop systems to ensure uniformity

Developing design systems or associating with an online designing studio is a powerful move that will ensure consistency and professionalism with all of a business’s digital campaigns. These online designers are skilled and updated about the latest developments and advancements in the technology field and work towards implementing them in their assignments to maintain relevance to the audience and guarantee customer satisfaction.


This New Year has welcomed fresh opportunities to experiment with these design trends and draw viewers by stepping out from our adversary’s setting. It should be carefully considered how to apply these unique trends with the creator’s utility basis. Through the course of this article, we have highlighted the trends that might be recurring in 2021 in the digital world so that designers can mend their ways accordingly to accommodate these features and ideas in their work.