Anyone who wants to become a successful businessman online, should have an e-commerce website. Nowadays, prosperity is measured through your virtual domain also known as website. So, make sure your internet site stands out from the crowd. Hire expert web developers and designers to add the best website features available.

There are about 7 elements that can make your website reliable in the eyes of your target audience. These main aspects include usability, content, appearance, artistic touches, and interactive tools for customers.

Besides, a great website has a well-designed UI with easy controls, so that every user can use it easily. It also consists of effortless navigations, product visuals, accessibility on multiple devices, mobile compatibility, and call-to-action clickable buttons. If you want to win hearts of your loyal customers, then make sure to add the following features to your website.

1. User-Friendly UI Design

One of the main features of a website that makes it popular among your target audience is its user-friendly design. The appearance of your site page is simple, it has mobile compatible, accessible to different devices, and has faster loading times. The UI (user-interface) user-friendly design is of great significance. It increases your organic traffic, increase ROI conversions, and external back links that bring daily new visitors. Therefore, make sure your website design is simplistic and easy to understand from a single glance.

2. Inspiring Themes with An Intuitive Website Design

This has more to do with a website theme than the website’s upfront appearance. Once you have created a user-friendly website, this is the second requirement you need to add on your website. Your daily visitors can perceive themes you choose according to the products and services you sell to your clients.

On the contrary, an intuitive theme is an imaginative “invisible” suggestion that encourages users to stay on your website longer. Thus, you need to be extra careful when coming up with a website theme that has an element of inspiring insights. The best tools to create a responsive WordPress theme include Astra, Divi, OceanWP, Ultra, and Authority Pro, to name a few.

3. High-Quality Content

Unquestionably, content is king when it comes to a website that is quite popular among global visitors. Good content is always precise, and has clarity for reader of all ages to understand it clearly. This is one of the main reasons web design company San Francisco based writers specialize in copywriting. Also, high-quality content is written with attention to details backed with information based on industrious research. Therefore, make sure you hire professional writer to the best writing jobs for you.

4. Easy Navigations

Easy to handle navigations gives you control over your website. It also helps users easily move around your website without going through difficulties. Easy navigation helps user go back and forth to different pages on your website. You can improve your website’s navigation by using a simple design. Besides that, add similar product categories, use clear big fonts, clickable images have written text below them, and use fewer colors. Make sure you also have a search bar on your website. It will help users to search for their desired products and services.

5. Product Images

Add product images on your website attract visitors on a daily basis. These days, an online domain without images is considered dead. A website that sells products without images has no little to no significance. You will not gain customers nor see an increase in your website’s organic traffic. Your e-commerce store will have a positive impression among buyers. Product images also enhances the buyer’s overall experience. As well, your product description along with an image looks more interesting. Product with pictures help buyers make buying decisions. Thus, you will attract more shoppers on your website, and make new customers every day.

6. Animations & Videos

Add animations and videos to your websites. Videos can be recorded footage, company live streaming, and testimonials sent by your loyal customers. On the other hand, animations are creative artworks. These illustrations include 2D animations, 3D animations, typography animation, and storyboard animation.

Animations are informative artworks that enlighten customers about your products and services.  Your animations should be illustrious and eye-catching. These interactive features help you gain customers and online popularity in matter of days. So, make sure you hire the right professional web design agency that offers exceptional videos and animation illustration services.

7. Personalized Blog Page

One of the best personalized features you can add to your website is an exclusive blog page. It helps drive organic traffic to your website. Also, add a comment section to your blogs. It’s a great way to interact and start a conversation with clients. Blog writing helps you start a conversation with enthusiastic readers. Your blog page increases your SEO ratings, and helps you rank on Google top pages. Make sure you write blogs on topics relevant to your e-commerce business. Add images and videos to create dynamic blogs, which helps you create a louder brand voice.

Author Bio: My name is Daniel Scott and I am from USA. I am a passionate creative designer, looking for some great part-time opportunities to run my household. Currently, I am planning to join Web Design Lane to groom my skills in the designing field and learn more about the trending features that are taking a lead in the market.