The use of bicycles as a means of transport is very common today, it is an easy way to get anywhere quickly without the need to get stuck in traffic or spend large sums of money on fuel regularly. But, just as this new way of moving is being quite efficient, the risks on the road for cyclists have also increased. Accidents with bicycles and other vehicles such as heavy trucks, motorcycles and cars are real and you must be prepared for them when they happen.

What to do if you are the victim of a bicycle accident

Before you panic, you should know that you are not alone and that there are New York bicycle accident lawyers who can help you. These kinds of incidents usually happen at the least expected moments, but these professionals in the area are always ready to attend to your needs. case. 

Bicycle accidents occur because car drivers still do not know how to deal with other road users who are less fast, the laws do not clearly indicate how to share the streets with cyclists and so they can be a little careless.

Once a driver is involved in a bicycle accident, in which the cyclist has been seriously injured or killed in some cases, the victim is fully entitled to take legal action and sue, in order to obtain compensation for the damages

Establishing a Lawsuit for Bicycle Accidents

New York City currently has more than 800,00 active bicyclists, all of whom are prone to some kind of accident caused by other vehicles. Once this occurs, the next step is to take legal action through an attorney to establish liability for the claim. 

In other words, the relatives of the victim have the power to legally claim the accident, once certain conditions are proven. It is necessary to prove that the driver of the vehicle was negligent, and that he did not respect traffic laws. 

Also, it is imperative to show that legal non-compliance is the main cause of the incident, and that the physical damages received are actually due to the bicycle accident and not pre-existing injuries.

The right to remuneration

There are many incidents related to bicycles on a daily basis, although in certain cases the injuries are not serious, in the worst scenarios the victims die due to the seriousness of the impact. The foregoing then translates into expenses for the victim’s relatives and that, in some way, must be covered. 

In this sense, the lawyers seek to earn a commensurate remuneration for their clients and that with that money, the relatives may be able to solve the consequences of the bicycle accident.An expert lawyer can be very helpful when seeking full compensation, whether it is a court decision or an agreement between the parties out of court.