From sports cards to coins, sneakers to toys, and furniture to model trains, you can become a collector of just about anything.

As COVID-19 restrictions largely kept people confined indoors over the last couple of years, many people had time on their hands. Some focused on old hobbies and others picked up new hobbies to help pass the time.

Are you interested in picking up a hobby but don’t know where to start?

Here’s a look at 10 things to collect. You could be on your way toward a new hobby that brings great joy and may even make you a small fortune.  

1. Running Shoes

Collecting sneakers is a legitimate hobby that can bring in big bucks. You’ve probably heard stories about people waiting in line at running shoe stores to get their hands on limited-edition pairs of their favorite sneaker brands. 

While some collectors view their sneakers as works of art and wouldn’t dare wear them, others wear sneakers in their collections on special occasions. 

If you’re a serious collector, you have to have at least one iconic pair of Air Jordans from Nike. Even though Michael Jordan retired ages ago, his brand hasn’t lost any of its desirability. Air Jordans are highly collectible.

Air Jordan 1, or AJ 1, is one of the world’s most prestigious sneakers. But it’s just one of the sneakers available under the Air Jordan collection.

Do you fancy sneakers as a hobby? Start a collection. Just do it!

2. Comic Books

You might have read comic books as a kid. But they’re not just for little ones anymore.

Did you know, for instance, that the global comic book market is expected to be worth north of $12.81 billion by 2028.?

Whether you have a specific niche that interests you, enjoy certain superheroes, or simply like comic books from a specific era, you should head to a comic book store to see what’s out there. 

3. Currency and Coins

Are you interested in the coin collecting space? You might want to focus on currency from a specific country or collect currencies from a certain period. The sky’s the limit as there are many desirable options in the coin collecting hobby.

You can start small by picking up reasonably priced coins and then go from there. Who knows? You might already have a rare coin in your piggy bank. 

If you decide to get into the coin hobby, you might want to collect and display them. But it’s best to store any valuable coins securely.

4. Postage Stamps

If you’re looking to start a hobby, consider postage stamps. Many stamps are indeed issued in large quantities and therefore not worth a whole lot, but there are also some rare ones out there.

But getting into the hobby isn’t just about the payoff. It’s about collecting what you enjoy. You can learn about different historical figures, cultures, and more.

5. Trading Cards

Did you know that the most expensive sports trading card is a Honus Wagner baseball card worth $6.6 million? The reality is that trading cards can be a lucrative hobby — especially if you add rare cards to your collection.

You don’t have to limit yourself to sports trading cards either. There are non-sports trading cards that are every bit as collectible as sports trading cards.

6. Toys and Games

Collecting toys and games can be fun and financially rewarding. The toys you received and played with as a kid could be worth a small fortune if still in good shape.

Who could have known that talking Cabbage Patch dolls, diecast cars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures, Teddy Ruxpin stuffed animals, and a long list of other toys would become so valuable?

7. Wine and Liquor

Are you looking for unique things to collect? How about wine?

If you buy quality wine, you can be sure that it will get better and more valuable with age. You’ll want to learn about storing your fine wine properly for the best results.

Invest some time into looking at what’s out there. Chances are you’ll find collectible wine within your price range. Your adventure could see you collect wine from some of the best wine-producing regions in the world.

8. Classic Cars

A car loses a lot of its value the moment it’s driven off a dealership lot. But there are exceptions to the rule. If you have coveted classic cars from previous eras, you’ll see that they hold their value just fine.

Whether you buy something that’s been restored or a project car that needs some TLC, you can get into a hobby that brings you a lot of joy.

9. Model Trains

Are you deliberating about things to collect as a hobby? Consider model trains. You can get miniature train sets and revisit the simpler times of your youth. 

You can look for vintage models, modern models, or both. You’ll find that there are many passionate model train collectors out there who you can learn from.

10. Antique Furniture

If you want to collect cool things, why not antique furniture? You might even be able to pick up some interesting pieces at your neighborhood thrift shop.

Do you have one-of-a-kind antique furniture in your home, garage, or shed now? If you have the time and the skill, you might choose to restore them.

There Are Lots of Things to Collect

Are you looking for things to collect? The suggestions above will give you some ideas. But it’s the tip of the iceberg because you can collect anything. Pursue whatever passion you have and enjoy your hobby or hobbies.

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