Did you know that close to 70 percent of all online interactions start with search engines? We take search engines for granted because they’re so ubiquitous. However, we shouldn’t: understanding how search engines work is key for a business to increase organic traffic.  

If you want to up the flow of your website, you’re going to have to outrank your competitors on your search engine of choice (let’s be honest, it’s probably Google). But how do you do so? 

This article will walk you through a brief guide on upping your search engine rankings. 

Quality Control

It’s imperative for search engines to make sure everyone has a pleasant experience. That means they’re going to prioritize web pages that people enjoy. By creating unenjoyable web pages, you’re sabotaging your chances. 

This is why we recommend focusing on quality. A high-quality webpage is a webpage that people like to visit. 

Hire a time of people whose job is quality control. Make sure that every single piece of content you put out meets a certain standard of quality. 

Care about the content you put out beyond the numbers it does. At the end of the day, quality brings in numbers, not focus on numbers. 

Focus on Keywords

In the world of the Google search, what people are looking for isn’t the only important thing. It’s also important to consider how they’re looking for it. 

People can’t search for a product in a vacuum. They have to use certain words to search for it. These are keywords. 

If you can figure out exactly which keywords people are using to look for your products, you have the keys to the kingdom. Simply work those keywords into your online content, and you’ll see an increase in traffic. It’s the mission of a good search engine to be as precise as possible — down to the very word. 

However, searching for the right keyword isn’t always easy. It requires months of studying and a great deal of expertise. This is why we recommend that you. . . 

Hire Experts

When creating content focused on keywords, it’s easy to fall into traps. If you use your keywords too little — or use the wrong ones — you might as well not use them at all. If you use too many, however, you might be flagged for spam. 

This is why we recommend hiring experts, like the people over at the Hoth. If you’re wondering: does the Hoth work? just click on that link for answers.

They’ll be able to teach you how to increase organic traffic, and outperform competitor content.

Learn How to Outrank Your Competitors

As you can see, SEO is the best way to outrank your competitors. There are a ton of tactics you can use to increase your SEO.

At the end of the day, however, if you want to increase online traffic, you’re going to have to hire a business that specializes in doing just that. 

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