Collectively, American citizens own almost 400 million guns. That’s a lot of firearms!

While gun safety is a major issue in the United States, many responsible gun owners enjoy visiting a shooting range. When you do so, you may hear things like ‘accuracy vs. precision.’

Whether you’re at a shooting range or engaging in self-defense, solid shooting skills are crucial. That’s why accuracy and precision are both important. 

We’ve assembled a guide to accuracy vs. precision. That way, whether you’re using a rifle or pistol shooting, you’ll be able to show off your skills.

Training Yourself 

When at a shooting range, adrenaline might run high. In many cases, you might be participating in a shooting competition. Or, you may be trying to beat your own personal best. 

All of these factors could impact your performance. After all, adrenaline is notorious for reducing fine motor control. In some high-stakes situations, you won’t be able to think your way through them. 

Instead, you’ll rely on muscle memory. Rather than considering how a shot lands, your trained reflexes will dictate your shooting skills. 

That’s why many shooting ranges focus on simple movements. There’s no point in getting fancy with such a simple task. 

It’s important to focus on drawing motions. This means clearing your holster if you’re pistol shooting, being able to reload if you’re using a single-shot rifle, and so forth. 

However, it’s also important to practice accuracy and precision as separate tasks. This can make a huge difference in the shooting range. 

Accuracy vs. Precision

Sometimes, your performance will depend on the tools at hand. If you’re looking for better tools to use at the shooting range, visit this page

However, it is also dependent on your skill level. Let’s talk about accuracy first.

Accuracy is how closely you hit the target. Are you able to hit the bulls-eye every time? Then your accuracy is high. 

Accuracy defines how often you hit what you’re aiming at. This is always the goal, whether you’re at the shooting range or hunting in the woods. If your accuracy is high, you’re likely a skilled marksman with great hand-eye coordination.

Precision is different. Rather than relying on a single value, precision calculates multiple values. Say that you fire ten rounds at a paper target. 

If those ten rounds are grouped tightly together, your precision is high. Precision isn’t about getting a single lucky shot and nailing the bullseye. Instead, it’s about having the skills to repeat your success over and over. 

These skills go hand in hand. Sometimes, accuracy vs. precision is misused, even by experts! 

It’s crucial to practice until your fired shots land with accuracy and precision. That way, you’re prepared no matter what happens. 

Practicing Your Shooting Skills

When working on accuracy vs. precision, remember that these things take time. You won’t become Annie Oakley or Daniel Boone overnight! Instead, it takes repeated practice in order to develop muscle memory. 

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