Mosquitoes are not just a painful nuisance, they also contribute to over 1 million deaths each year from the diseases they carry. So, removing them from your yard ensures you can enjoy the outdoors and stay healthy. 

If you are struggling with a mosquito infestation it is time to find a solution other than avoiding the pests.

Read on to learn more about how to keep your property mosquito free. 

Landscape Assessment

Whether you use a mosquito control company like or prefer to fix the problem on your own, your first step is to assess the area. 

This includes finding out where the mosquitos hide during the day, breed, and congregate once they are active. Once you understand the layout of the mosquito population you can then determine what treatment approach to use. You will also understand how large of a mosquito problem you have by the number of larvae and nests you find.  

Types of Treatment

There are several forms of treatment to keep your family and guests safe, however, some are more effective and safer than others. 

Yard treatment that uses pesticides, while it may kill present mosquitos, may not be useful for mosquitos that return after the chemicals have been applied. It is also uncertain if the pesticides harm other useful insects, birds, and small animals that live in the same environment. Some people also are wary about pesticides around pets and children.

Some spray treatments use only natural ingredients like essential oils to deter mosquitos. This is a safer option, however, consistent treatment is needed to keep mosquitos away. 

Another option focuses on the larvae to kill the mosquitos at the source. This prevents further habitats and populations from forming. 

This process uses BTI mosquito dunks that are placed in still water where mosquitos like to breed. They release a bacterium that is toxic to the larvae. Plus, the still water acts as a trap to lure mosquitos into the water, making it a safe and effective control method that does not affect any other species. 

Removal of Breeding Sites

Once you apply a treatment option, the best way to stop disease transmission is to halt mosquitos from breeding. So, after the population of mosquitos are dead, ensure that others do not emerge by removing their breeding sites. 

This means checking your yard every day for still water no matter how small. Under potted plants, rain gutters, wheel barrels, and anything that can hold water should be emptied. 

You also want to keep your grass cut short and avoid muddy landscaping by adding grass seed to soak up excess water from the rain. Or add a garden or large plants to areas that are prone to flooding for extra absorption. 

Enjoying Your Mosquito Free Space

All the hard work you put into making your yard mosquito free is worth it. You will be able to enjoy the best time of the day by sitting outside, having BBQs, and allowing your kids to play without worrying about getting bit. 

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