Bloggers know that competition for readers is fierce. Estimates show that about 31.7 million American bloggers filled our internet content during the pandemic. The 10% increase from five years before will only continue to grow. 

Standing out against those enormous numbers is challenging. Yet, many succeed by choosing the best blog photos to attract readers. So if you are a blogger looking for an edge, you will want to consider these three ways blog photography can increase your readership.

1. Nail the Subject

If you take blog photos for your posts, be careful to centralize the subject of your post in the image. Angles and composition are vital aspects of good photography. But there are more simple tips you can learn to improve your blog photos. 

Choose locations with backgrounds that don’t overwhelm the subject of your blog photos. Learn the rule of thirds to make social media photos appealing, and use a tripod wherever possible. 

It’s critical first to have sharp images with a deep focus. Yet, you can always make your images better when you edit social media photos.

2. Editing Software Is Essential

Outstanding blog photos begin with taking well-framed photographs, but the process doesn’t end there. So much improvement is possible when you learn to edit social media photos or other blog photography with editing software. 

For example, if you are shooting in situations where movement is constant, you might want to straighten your image or remove background with distracting information. Editing software allows you to adjust your blog photos’ light quality and sharpness. 

Most editing tools are quick and easy to use and help your blog photography explode off the screen. After all, blog photography is an integral part of selling your brand to the public. Blog photos are also the first thing the reader’s eye sees when they open a page.

3. Improve Free Images

You can find an ample supply of blog photos in the public domain at various stock photo websites. Another excellent source for uploading is free social media photos from Pinterest. However, many of these shared free images still need editing software to improve their impact. 

So get creative with your downloaded blog photos and experiment. For example, a background remover eliminates everything except your subject and makes blog photos dazzle. A correct remove background function will make your subject jump off the screen.

Then, edit blog photos by adding the punch of a caption or motivational quote. These overlays catch the reader’s eye, so they want to learn more by reading your blog post.

Feature Your Blog Photos

Make your blog photos the most prominent aspect of your page to wow your reader. Use editing software tools to make a statement with your blog photography. Then follow it up with the expertise of your written words. 

More help is available to bloggers than ever for improving blog photos and all aspects of social media posting. So get more fantastic insights and keep returning here for valuable tips.