When the pandemic hit, people started flooding out of cities in record numbers. Some took to the suburbs and some to the country.

Over the following years, it seems many have taken a hard look at their priorities and have sensed it was time for a shift. This is why so many people are considering living in the country.

And, why shouldn’t they? The country is filled with incredible beauty and opportunity for those who wish to take it. Read on to find the main reasons people have decided to make the jump.

It’s More Affordable

People are often shocked when they learn the price disparity of city living versus country living. What gets you a small apartment in a big city, could often buy you a decent home with land.

The median rent range of a two-bedroom New York City apartment is almost $4,800 at the high end and $2,000 at the low end. Meanwhile, you can buy a home in Springfield, IL for a median home value of $130,000 or rent for an average price of $900.

Taxes, like income and property, are also usually more affordable in rural areas. That’s in addition to the lower cost of groceries, gas, and other household needs.

While there may not be as many bars or restaurants, you save money by going out less. If you’ve bought a home with land, you have the opportunity to farm some of your own food.

They Want Sustainable Living

Homesteading has seen an incredible uptick because people are shying away from processed foods more and more. The public is seeing the effects of fast food on their health, and they are trying to get to a more balanced place.

More Americans are wanting to know exactly where their food is coming from and are leaning toward doing it themselves. There’s no better place to do that than in the country where laws are different, and you’re not as regulated.

People are wanting to get back to farming their own produce and harvesting their own meats so they are taking to the country. There are wide open spaces and the ability to own chickens, goats, cows, and other livestock.

The rules and regulations that neighborhoods and cities invoke make it difficult to own animals. HOAs don’t want to see yards with tall grass or corn growing. However, homes that come with acreage don’t fall within the same restrictions.

It’s a possibility to add solar panels to your home and land because you have the space and the sun to do it. Not all homes qualify for solar panels because of buildings and trees that block out the sun.

But in the country, you don’t have to worry about that. That’s why some are looking for homes with acreage for sale.

Living in the Country Is Safer

Because rural areas are less populated, it’s safer for families. The more people that are around, the more possibility for crime, as well as, more traffic, and accidents. From overpopulated transportation to an overwhelming amount of stores, there is endless potential for criminals to take advantage.

There are also higher poverty and homeless rates in cities than in the country. That wage disparity makes nice vehicles into prime targets and theft an even more alluring option.

Crime saw an increase over the pandemic, which gave rise to many fleeing to less populated areas. Some desire the feeling of safety that comes from not being surrounded by people.

Country folk often have different priorities, upbringing, and values. While many people these days try to keep an arm’s length from their neighbors or people around them, the ones that live in the country know the true meaning of being neighborly.

There is a reason the term “southern gentleman” exists. The rat race that keeps many moving in the city just doesn’t apply to the country.

It’s a Change of Pace With Beautiful Scenery

The country is a beautiful place. Rolling hills, starry skies, and fresh air are just a few of the commodities the country offers that you just won’t get in the city.

Some people are longing to be rid of smoggy skies and the hustle and bustle of city life. Instead, they’re trading it in for greenery with the desire to be closer to nature.

Growing tired of the hours spent in traffic, many are heading for country dirt roads. They don’t want to be breathing in pollution anymore.

Maybe they are searching to find true peace and quiet. It’s truly quiet in the country. Homes in rural areas won’t hear a car pass for hours, and at nighttime, the sound of crickets fills the air.

Overworked and underpaid, some wish to find a quiet, affordable piece of property that they can call their own. Living with so much stress day in and day out takes a toll on our bodies. It’s easier to unplug and unwind being so close to nature.

Get Back to Nature

Whatever people’s reasons for living in the country, there is one thing for sure. They will be getting back to nature and feeling the beneficial effects of it!

Filling their lungs with unpolluted air and harvesting the crops they’ve poured their sweat into, only benefits the health of their bodies. Prioritizing their family and friends gives them memories that they’ll look back on with pride, and they know this.

You can do it too! If you’re feeling the itch, try it out.

Stay somewhere rural for a while and see what you think! For more insight and information like this, continue reading our blogs.