Even if you don’t work from home, you could benefit from a dedicated workspace. A home office can be an area where you can manage the household finances and keep the home organized and running. And if you do work from home, a home office provides a distraction-free space to complete tasks.

But for many people, a home office is also a private retreat where they can be alone for a few moments if needed. All of these are reasons to create an oasis that is as beautiful as it is functional.

You’ll need decorating ideas for a home office since this is a space that can reflect your style and personality. Get inspired by these home office design ideas.

1. Add an Accent

There’s no rule that says an office needs to be plain to help you focus. It’s more important to be comfortable and love the space you’re in if you’re going to be working there for long periods of time.

Forgo the all-white walls of a commercial office for pops of color, pattern, and texture. If you don’t want to overwhelm the space, consider painting one wall or the ceiling as an accident. A little color goes a long way in creating visual interest.

2. Built-In Bookcases

Built-ins add so much character to a space. These are typical features of older homes, but you can add them to any room with wood, tools, and some carpentry skills. Or you can buy bookcases from a big box store and add finishes that make them look built-in.

Here, you can display books and decorative objects to give the room some personality. Or use it as a stylish way to keep files and supplies within reach.

3. A Desk With Personality

No matter what kind of work you do, you’ll probably spend a lot of time at your desk. It’ll also be the centerpiece of an office design, so it’s essential that it’s functional and stylish.

There are plenty of desk styles that range from classic and traditional to modern and sculptural, like these desks that have eye-catching designs for any home office.

4. Add Life With Plants

Plants are a great decorative item because they add color, texture, and some life to the space. There are plenty of plants to choose from that range in ease of care, so you can choose one that’s ideal for your skill level.

Large floor plants can have the wow factor. But a collection of smaller plants on a shelf or windowsill can add nice accents. You can add even more color and pattern with the pots they’re in, which can act like little sculptural works of art.

5. Hang Up Art

It’s easy for offices to look the same, but you can make yours stand out with the kind of art you choose. Find art that speaks to your personality and tastes to make an office look more customized.

Oversized prints and paintings can make a statement. Or choose to create a gallery wall with a variety of small and medium-sized art. Art helps a room feel warm, inviting, and lived in.

6. Comfortable Accent Seating

You’ll want to give yourself more options to sit than just your desk chair. Opt for accent seating through side chairs or even a sofa to give yourself a comfortable space to sit.

Whether you need to stretch out or want to take a break, comfortable seating is the best way to stay in work mode but switch positions. This is also a good option if you ever have guests or clients in your office.

7. Choose Bold Accessories

Another way to make your office feel comfortable and lived-in is with accessories sprinkled throughout the room. Of course, you may not want to clutter the space, but a few decorative objects here and there can make the room feel much warmer.

Consider candles, ceramics, baskets, globes, and boxes around the room that help pull the design together and add visual interest to the space. You may even want to have a cozy blanket for chillier days.

8. Display Photos

Photos of friends and family make an office design feel like an extension of the home. Having photos spread around your office can increase feelings of happiness by reminding you of those you love.

Photos are always a great way to add a personalized touch to a room, whether they’re formal portraits or candid shots taken on your phone.

9. Get Playful With Patterns

Another way to add visual interest is through patterns. The right pattern can make the eye dance and prevent a home office design from looking boring and monotonous. You can add any kind of pattern you desire and there are plenty of natural ways to incorporate it.

Consider large areas like a rug, wallpaper, or home office furniture. Or, if you prefer smaller pops of pattern, go for pillows and decorative accents.

10. Stylish Storage

It’s no secret that a home office will need plenty of storage. But you also don’t have to choose boring options for storing your necessities. On your desk, cups for pencils, paper clips, and binder clips can be as decorative or colorful as you please.

You may also want to have trinket boxes to house small, miscellaneous things. As for keeping files in order, colorful or patterned fabric boxes are always a great option. And you can choose storage furniture that matches your overall decor.

Decorating Ideas for a Home Office to Inspire You

A quiet place to take calls, a dedicated space to write, or a retreat that gives you a few minutes away; no matter how you use a home office, make sure it’s a space that you want to be in.

A home office allows you to be distraction-free and focus on tasks. But that doesn’t mean it has to look like a commercial or business office. These decorating ideas for a home office show that you can infuse personality and make it your own.

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