According to a recent study, around one-in-five U.S. adults stated that they’ve been in the presence of or have seen a ghost. On top of that, a whopping 45% of Americans believe in paranormal activity.

If you want to increase your chances of seeing some sort of paranormal activity, then, of course, visiting places where sightings are made is one way to do it. However, investing in paranormal equipment will give you greater success. 

Not all paranormal hunting equipment is equally effective for every user or situation. There can be several factors that influence how efficient they are. 

In this ghost hunting equipment guide, we delve into the best products on the market right now. Read on to find out more.

Getting Started

Most paranormal investigations will start with a rumour or story. More often than not, they are fabricated just to spark interest. However, if you’re hearing a similar story from a range of sources then it’s time to start conducting some research. 

Start with interviewing any witnesses, getting the facts, and compiling your detailed research into the history of the building, or area and the people that lived or worked there. It’s also useful to mark down on a map where sightings have happened to see if there’s any correlation as well as the time and date of any occurrences. 

This will allow you to identify hot spots that you can then investigate further. 

Essential Ghost Hunting Gear

We’re starting this ghost hunting equipment guide with a list of essential pieces of kit everyone will need. Wherever youre planning to try to spot paranormal activity, be sure to take these items with you. 


Although you might do scouting out and any camera trap setup during daylight, there will be times when you need to work in the dark. 

You’ll need a decent light. We suggest a headlight as your primary source which keeps your hands free. Oft for a head mounting light that has different outputs as well as a low-output red LED.  

When youre looking for a decent headlight, go for one that has the battery compartment away from the light. This gives a much better weight distribution. If the battery compartment is in the same place as the light source, it can strain your neck as it pulls your head down slightly. A balanced light is also useful for sudden jolts (like you’d get from jumping down from something) if the weight isn’t evenly distributed, it can drop down over your face. 

Why Use Red LEDs?

A red LED allows you to use your headlight in the dark and not have an effect on your adjusted eyes. White light shows a different spectrum of colors, and also are brighter, so after switching your white light off, your eyes need time to adjust to the dark. 

Backup Light

It’s important to have a backup light. For this, go for a handheld model with multiple outputs and a red LED filter for night work. A useful feature we recommend is a feature of powerful 1500mW invisible Infrared (IR) LED.

This will help during nighttime investigations as it provides additional light for your camcorder and also allows you to navigate without visible light.

With both your main headlight and backup light, make sure they are fully charged in advance or if they aren’t rechargeable. you have spare batteries for them. 

Walkie Talkies

If youre out with a group investigating paranormal activity, then walkie-talkies will be an essential piece of kit you’ll need to invest in. This is vital for when the group splits up to examine different areas and you want to report findings back to the rest of the team as they happen. 

Watch, Notepad & Pens

Like with any type of investigation, it’s important to note the times that things happen. Go for one with an illuminating face so you can see it easily in the dark, these won’t affect your eyes like looking at your phone screen would. 

Keep a notebook and pens to hand to jot down locations, the time and date along with observations about what happened, where you set up equipment, fluctuations in meters, unusual happenings on camera, and feelings you might have. 

Specialist Paranormal Equipment

In this section, we look into some of the more specialist tools. This part of the paranormal equipment guide goes into recording equipment to capture sound and video footage of paranormal activities. 

Fixed Surveillance Camera

You will want to set these up during the daytime so you can run any pre-tests and check the stability of the mounts and tuck away any cables that may be trip hazards in the dark. 

 Fixed surveillance cameras dont need to be expensive. You might also want to invest in wireless ones if they are going to be placed a long way from your camp. 

We recommend using cameras that have a recording-to-cloud and live-stream feature so that you dont miss the action when it happens, or spend hours the day after going back through the footage.   

Some cameras have a function where you can have two-way communication through them. This could allow you to communicate with other people in your team, or if youre lucky, with any apparitions, without being present in the room. 

A fixed surveillance camera can also be set up to be activated to record a motion or sound trigger, which is ideal for ghost hunters. 

Mobile Surveillance

To support your fixed cameras, it’s also useful to have a mobile filing device so you can carry this with you. You want to be sure that this camera is lightweight, small, and easy to operate in the dark, you dont want to be fumbling about trying to find the record switch. 

Opt for a handheld camera with IR night vision. This will help you to see where youre going as you can use the built-in screen to help navigate your way around furniture, doors, and other obstacles. 

Temperature Fluctuation Monitor

One of the main things people say when they have had a paranormal encounter is that there was a drastic and sudden change in ambient temperature. There are several theories behind this, one popular belief is that apparitions need the energy to show themselves and that they take the energy right out of the air which is what causes the sudden temperature drop.

To capture these temperature changes, an essential piece of equipment will be a Forward Looking Infra-Red meter, also known as FLIR. 

There are several options for FLIR meters. Like regular video cameras, these can be mounted or portable. It’s good to have one of each. These cameras work by allowing you to see the temperature in a room. It shows objects in the room as a gradient. Blue is cold and Red is hot, there is a rainbow-looking scale for everything in between. 

You’ll be able to record a room and see the temperatures helping you zero in on any unusual characteristics to investigate any extremes in more depth.  

Digital Thermometers

Another way to capture the temperature of the room is via a digital thermometer. These look a little bit like a walky-talky, in that they have a screen, a few buttons, and an aerial. However, the ariel is the part doing the measuring with the temperature displayed on the screen. 

They are compact and mobile. Some even come with an alarm sound if they detect a sudden high or low temperature so you dont have to constantly be watching the screen. It’s also handy for storing data internally for the temperature variations of when you were using it which you can use for analysis later on. 

Sound Recording

Sometimes, there may be no vial indication of an apparition and instead, its noises. Another useful piece of recording equipment is a sound recorder to pick voices, banging and other sounds that could be linked to paranormal activity. 

Digital voice recorders can detect ultra-low-frequency sounds, to as low as 40 Hz. This will help to pick up sounds that humans can’t hear. 

Go for a recorder with a large internal memory so that you can set it up and leave it recording all night. 

Ghosthunting App

Once you’ve got all the equipment, you might want to look into downloading this ghost hunting app. Apps for ghost hunting are increasing in popularity amongst the paranormal community. 

They feature a variety of detectors, radars, and countless other tools to help detect paranormal activity where you are. 

Some of the popular apps include an electromagnetic field detector, radio scanning for voices in white noise, and recording tools.

Transportation and Storage of Equipment

You will want a robust and spacious storage box to keep all your equipment in. The gold standard of this style box is the Pelican box, although other brands are available. 

They are available in a range of sizes and come with internal padding and dividers that you can move to make them fit your equipment. They are waterproof, dustproof, and designed to protect gear whilst in transit. 

Which Paranormal Hunting Gear Are You Going to Try Out?

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