Thanks to 3D design software, things are getting better in the landscaping industry when it comes to design. Before committing to a landscaping or yard improvement project, customers may now visualize the finished product. They can sit in front of a TV and be shown around a 3D model of their space, which has the same buildings and terrain as their real property.

 Almost everything about the new design will be the same as what the landscaping crew will do for them. The designer will show the plants and hardscaping materials that have been planned. Even the sun and shade can be changed to fit each property. The property owner can see what the ShrubHub Online 3D Landscape Design team intends to do on their land.

Design Assurance

That is where 3D design pays off the most. As a possible customer, you’d rather know immediately that the design needs to be changed. A designer never plans for this, but everyone wins if changes can be made before a shovel hits the ground. Unlike 2D design tools, a designer may make changes to a 3D model quickly—sometimes even during a presentation.

 Maybe the customer wants a different kind of brick paver or doesn’t like the tree that the designer suggests. With the 3D design, these options can be changed in a matter of seconds, giving the customer a visual and saving trouble down the road.

Precise Installation

The 3D design is also beneficial for installers. Most crew leaders are taught how to read a 2D plan. But jobs with significant elevation changes can take a lot of work to read, no matter how experienced the crew leader is. Before they start work, landscape supervisors love to see what the project will look like in 3D. It saves time for them and money for the customer.

Since 3D design software first came out, ShrubHub Online 3D Landscape Design experts have been using it. It has been a great addition to our landscape designers’ skills and has helped us show our customers exactly what they can expect. We aim to give every client a design and installation experience that has won awards. A big part of how we do this is through 3D design. Are you ready to find out how we can change the look of your yard?

Choose One Of Our Plans?

Only plants

That is our most simple and basic package. You will get a Planting Plan and a Plant List with photos of each plant. Don’t worry about how simple it is. Plants Package is a fast and easy way to make your yard look better.

Balconies & Terraces

Even if you have a balcony, you can still have a great space outside. There are some limits, but with our knowledge and creativity, we can turn your patio into a beautiful place to relax.

Part Yard

You don’t need a whole new yard, do you? No problem. We have a package that only includes the front yard or the backyard.

Full Yard

You will get a complete Hardscape and Softscape Landscape Design for your property. Landscape design will be based on what you want and how you want it to look.