How to Write a Children’s Book: 9 Tips to Do It Right

Are you an aspiring writer wanting to publish your first children’s book? If you think it is easy to write a children’s book, you need to think again. When it comes to writing a children’s book, there are numerous things that a writer must understand to be able to write a good book for youngContinue reading “How to Write a Children’s Book: 9 Tips to Do It Right”

How To Answer “Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse?”

The paths of careers are expanding far and wide and almost every field is witnessing a tremendous growth in its practitioners and developers. Whether it is the sector of IT or the department of health and medicines, there is a huge enrolment of new employees and trainees every year. Another most grossing field which hasContinue reading “How To Answer “Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse?””

Importance of Project-Based Learning

As the fast-paced world is progressing each day with the influx of technology, do you think that the traditional approach involving passive learning of facts is sufficient to survive the world? Well, no! A great amount of emphasis is being laid on Project-Based Learning (PBL) these days. So, what is it? PBL is a teachingContinue reading “Importance of Project-Based Learning”

Most Valuable Online Translator Software for Students

There was a time when translators used to be a part of businesses only. Now, situation is different. Translators have become a must have thing for every other person. Especially, in this pandemic situation where the trend of online studies is at peak (and the only option). Don’ worry, you are not living in theContinue reading “Most Valuable Online Translator Software for Students”

Easy Ways to Minimize Learner Curiosity- 11 Simple Steps

Curiosity, considered to be a good thing, can become unfavourable when it comes to the standardized methods of learning. It is not measured. The classroom methods of learning often disregard learner curiosity because that may help pop difficult questions in the minds of the students. Also, when applying for a job position, your curiosity levelContinue reading “Easy Ways to Minimize Learner Curiosity- 11 Simple Steps”

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